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A long long time ago

Great civilizations settled the world.

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Each of them had its own heart-city, where they stored their treasures including their Tribes' Books. Not only did these Tribes’ books contain the wisdom of the people, they also held within them magical forces.

Then a dark demon who desired the Tribes' Books set a trap, and lured in the mages carrying the Tribes' Books of their peoples.

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great civilizations image

At that very moment, the heart-cities of all great civilizations were cursed and disappeared from the face of the Earth. Without their Tribes’ Books, the great civilizations were lost and became simple tribes.

But according to the prophecy, one day a hero will be born who'll find all the Tribes' Books and collect the lost forces. Then the enchanted heart-cities will be restored, and those great peoples of the past shall return to their former glory.

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About Game

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Tribal Books is a free-to-play online digital collectible step-by-step NFT-card game. In each round, only two players take part. They compete with each other using the cards and magical forces from the Tribal Books. Only one will become a winner.

Collect NFT cards. Use them to beat the foe. Upgrade your Tribal Book to open powerful magic forces. Become the hero who will restore the greatness of the enchanted heart-cities and get their treasures!

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Free to play

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PvP Battles

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NFT trade assets

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Wax blockchain

Lost city

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About cards

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The player uses a card from his own deck to make a move. He forms the deck for each round separately before the game starts by combining the cards he owns before the round. To use the card, the player burns the number of energy points listed on this card. After the player uses the card for a move, the used card goes back to the deck. Before the game starts.

Common cards are the ones with the lowest level of card rarity. Common cards can be recognized by a grey frame. They form the basis of the game and enable simple, utile moves that form the basis of each game round.

The total amount: 57

Rare is the second level of rarity above Common. Rare cards can be recognized by a frame colored in brown. With the rare cards in his deck, the player will be able to develop a more sophisticated strategy of the battle against his foe.

The total amount: 52

Unique is one of the middle levels of rarity, above Common, and Rare, but below Legendary and Mythical. Unique cards can be identified by a blue frame around the card's art. Unique cards are obtained from card packs much less frequently than Common or Rare and give the player more options of moves during the game round.

The total amount: 28

Epic is one of the middle levels of rarity, above Common, Rare, and Unique. Epic cards can be recognized by a purple frame. Epic cards become your tools for the epic moves.

The total amount: 21

Legendary is the second-highest level of rarity below Mythical. Legendary cards can be recognized by a yellow frame. Legendary cards are scarce to find in the card packs. Those cards provide their owner with the power of abrupt strategies and sudden maneuvers.

The total amount: 16

Mythic cards - are the ones with the highest level of rarity. You can indicate them for a red&black frame. Mythical cards are obtained from card packs much less frequently than any other rarity. Yet they are truly worth to hunt for since they arm their owner with the most powerful, cunning, and unexpected moves.

The total amount: 13

Tribal books

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Tribal books are all-powerful artifacts, the unique storages for mighty forces of ancient nations. All together they are the key that could return forgotten greatness and power to the heart-cities, and open their treasures to those who dare to step on the dangerous path. The path where not only human beings adversaries but also ancient spirits and magic will fight them.

A Tribal Book is useless if no magical force from it is available. Yet all magical forces of each Tribe are tied to an appropriate Tribal Book by ancient connection. Playing and winning the user achieves the knowledge which is a key to bring forth the next magic force of the Book of Tribes. Each Tribal Book by itself is an NFT-asset, so you can trade it, with all the forces stored there.

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Packs information

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Booster Pack image

Booster Pack

With the pack, you'll get 3 assets of different rarity. Yet the probability of a Mythical card here is higher than in any other pack. You can try your luck with a few Booster Packs. Maybe the Mythical card will be your reward. As you probably know, The Mythical card is the greatest trump in the Tribal Books chases.

Probability information:

Legendary Pack image

Legendary Pack

There are 10 cards of a different rarity, chosen randomly, 1 Legendary, and 1 Epic card are guaranteed. The Legendary pack will contain quite a wide variety of cards, ensuring a good combination of the various types of strong moves and the bonus cards with a high level of rarity. This pack could provide the most winning combination for you.

Probability information:

Book Pack image

Book Pack

With this pack, you’ll get 1 Tribal Book of Forces. The Book is the only way to make the ancient forсes your faithful servants. All magical forces of each Tribe are tied to an appropriate Tribal Book by ancient connection. Playing and winning enables the user to achieve the knowledge which is key to bring forth the next magic force of the Tribal Book.

Probability information:

Starter Pack image

Starter Pack

With the pack, you'll get 10 сards of different rarity. 2 Rare cards and 1 Unique card are guaranteed. The probability of the Mythical card is increased. The number of assets in this pack ensures a fine chance to get something worthy to start the game with, also you can trade some unnecessary cards.

Probability information: